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Watch The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 2 Online Free Streaming


The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 2 It has been a while since I have been entertained by an animated TV series. Well, I am sure that I will be amused again by watching the upcoming 2nd installment of season 24 of the most fascinating comedy satire animated sitcom television series “The Simpsons”. Now on its 24th season, I am definitely positive that there will be plenty of spectacular scenes which everyone would love to see. On October 7, 2012, you can now actually watch The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 2 online. There are many people who are waiting for this upcoming show especially the kids as they are really amused of watching this kind of shows.

The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 2 Did you watch the previous episode of this show? I guess you did because it was the premiere installment of season 24 after all. In the prior chapter, we have witnessed how Bart visited many of his girlfriends just to find out why his relationships with them never lasted.  It was really a great show as there were plenty of funny scenes. Honesty, I got stomach ache because I was really laughing out loud inside the house together with my girlfriend and his five year old nephew.  Because of the entertaining scenes that we have seen in the prior show, we are looking forward to get a glimpse on the upcoming 2nd episode of this new season.

The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 2 As you gaze on The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 2: Treehouse of Horror XXII, you will surely see how Professor Frink creates a black hole that devours everything in Springfield. Well, this upcoming episode will have a parody of Paranormal Activity and a parody of Back to the Future. Bart will be the one who will change the course of history and drives Marge into the arms of her grabby prom date, Artie Ziff. Phew, I can’t already wait to watch it from the very beginning till the end! Watch out for it too fellas!  The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 2

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